Thursday, May 25, 2017

Mountain Mania!

"Travel stories teach geography; insect stories lead the child into natural science; and so on.  The teacher, in short, can use reading to introduce her pupils to the most varied subjects; and the moment they have been thus started, they can go on to any limit guided by the single passion for reading."  ~ Dr. Maria Montessori

In Room 107, we are busy learning about geography.
Currently, we are learning about mountains. Of course, the children ask many of questions like “What is a mountain?” “How high do you think mountains are?” “What types of plants/animals live in/on the mountains?” Such a fun way to learn. 

Lots of questions and lots of answers set the tone for an interesting discussion. We show the children some REAL images of famous mountains to get them more interested in the topic. Then we read one of my favorite books: A Day on the Mountain. The publisher has a fantastic guide for teachers and parents. We also viewed some great educational videos on Youtube like “Where Do Mountains Come From?” and “Plate Tectonics for Kids“.

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