Monday, September 19, 2016

The Great Lessons

The Third Year Students With the Timeline of Life

“The beauty of the elementary years in a Montessori school is that the curriculum is geared to the sensitivities of the children, rather than to the demands of the adults.”*
At Montessori Academy Edison Lakes, our Elementary program provides learning experiences and activation that nurture the older child’s sense of wonder, appealing to his expanding interests, and support the sensitive periods of the elementary child so often ignored.
If the idea of the universe is presented to the child in the right way, it will do more for him than just arouse his interest; it will create in him admiration and wonder, a feeling loftier than any interest and more satisfying.
Elementary Montessori is different in many ways from the experience of the early childhood program. It is designed to meet the changing intellect and personality of children of ages six to twelve. While different, elementary Montessori is built upon the foundation of the earlier years. This is the time when we see Montessori children begin to blossom into “joyful scholars.”
“It is self-evident that the possession of and contact with real things brings, above all, a real quantity of knowledge. Instruction becomes a living thing. Instead of being illustrated, it is brought to life. Experience is a key for the instruction given inside the school.
There is no description, no image in any book that is capable of replacing the sight of real trees, and all of the life to be found around them in a real forest.”*
– Dr. Maria Montessori 

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